Jun 28 2022

We saw the shadow first. It shot vertically down the concrete pylon. Then the bird. It was flying almost perfectly horizontal away from the wide bulk of cement — 90° to the descending cast image. Discrepancy between the movement of the corollary and catalyst was one of momentary but sincere confusion; first we thought the shadow the bird. This happens all the time, with all manner of thing (relationships, political activity, “time”, what we think a painter meant…).

* * *

We took a far trip recently. We drove through places as if within a map — to various points of our desire. Our objects arrived, and were sincerely ravishing. But it must be said, we never requested to look behind refrigerators, thought to reconnoiter unimportant drawers of ordinary homes, or checked if the varied quaint facades, that went zipping by, even had backs. We had other things in mind; and of course without even being aware, we all always have other things in mind.

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It is of course important how something is said — but we don’t agree that the how is more important than the what. And when it comes to design it helps for the how and the what to be brought together by one conversant in both production (art) and contextualization (design). Meaning, it is good if a designer has the ability to make stuff too — as they will innately know the what and the how.

We say this looking at UK designer/furniture-maker Daniel Johns. Seeing his volley between the 3D and the 2D one can feel a lovely, searching experimentation as well as an awareness of atmosphere and circumstance.

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An offering of pieces and projects from around the web.

Elizabeth Bishop, The Armadillo, 1979
Konstantin Grcic, Off Site, 2013
Sung Tieu Exhibition at Kunstverein Gartenhaus, 2022
Chloé Galibert-Laîné, The eye was in the tomb and stared at Daney, 2018
Prada, Fall/ Winter, 1999-00


Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following:

Petite Reading:

The summation of the three oracle returns this week are pretty good advice for one’s kit — generally speaking:

  1. Experience (writ large) is a conscientious balance of going out into the world and collating the collected information back in a safe environment. One or the other will not deliver a full Experience (or perspective).
  2. You can’t directly fight what is happening to you; you have to work with a dominant energy somehow.
  3. Meaning only exists through limitation.


Complete Reading:

This week we pulled the Two of Wands. Is learning and experience best developed out in the world or does it mature better in the calm/collected environs of one’s own space (home, library, laboratory, etc.)? Clearly it is both. Theories untested in the real world are quite useless but so is being distracted by the constant novelty of markets or jungles. It is up to us as individuals to get the balance right.

Our first hexagram this week is #29, The Abysmal (Water). The metaphor here is of the movement of water. That is, proper conduct should be like water; water has a way — it follows a course. The individual also has a course they must follow — do not resist but be sincere. It states: “if you are sincere, you have success in your heart.” Water is also constant of action; so you too should be constant: “water reaches its goal by flowing continually.” There were two changes this week, of which the specific notes are: if you are caught in a rip tide you should not swim directly against the current but on a long diagonal back to shore as well if you find yourself in quicksand extricating yourself by your own will is out of the question — be patient til the proper help comes along or yell like crazy.

Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #60, Limitation. The discourse here centers around the reality of setting boundaries or limits in a universe of infinite/inexhaustible possibilities. “Limitations are troublesome, but they are effective” though “it is necessary to set limits even upon limitation.” “The individual attains significance as a free spirit only by surrounding themself with these limitations and by determining for themself what their duty is.” And again using figurative language: “A lake is something limited. Water is inexhaustible. A lake can contain only a definite amount of the infinite quantity of water; this is its peculiarity. In human life too the individual achieves significance through discrimination and the setting of limits.”