Cargo has an extensive, hand-picked collection of premium typefaces from our partnership with Type Network, complimented by a selection of Open Source and Google Fonts. (Test them out below.)

Abel Regular
Aften Screen Regular
Aften Screen Italic
Aften Screen Bold
Alegreya Regular
Alegreya Regular Italic
Alegreya Bold
Alegreya Bold Italic
Alegreya Sans Regular
Alegreya Sans Regular Italic
Alegreya Sans Bold
Alegreya Sans Bold Italic
Alte Haas Grotesk Regular
Alte Haas Grotesk Bold
Archivo Black Regular
Archivo Narrow Regular
Archivo Narrow Regular Italic
Archivo Narrow Bold
Archivo Narrow Bold Italic
Arial Black
Authentic Sans 60
Authentic Sans 90
Authentic Sans 130
Authentic Sans 150
Authentic Sans Condensed 60
Authentic Sans Condensed 90
Authentic Sans Condensed 130
Authentic Sans Condensed 150
Avara Italic
Avara Bold
Averia Serif Libre Regular
Averia Serif Libre Regular Italic
Averia Serif Libre Bold
Averia Serif Libre Bold Italic
Benton Sans Regular
Benton Sans Regular Italic
Benton Sans Bold
Benton Sans Bold Italic
Benton Sans Black
Benton Sans Black Italic
Benton Sans Condensed Regular
Benton Sans Condensed Italic
Benton Sans Condensed Bold
Benton Sans Condensed Bold Italic
Big Caslon FB Roman
Big Caslon FB Italic
Big Caslon FB Bold
Big Caslon FB Bold Italic
Bureau Grot Book
Bureau Grot Bold
Bureau Grot Condensed Book
Bureau Grot Condensed Bold
Bureau Grot Ultra Black
Chivo Regular
Chivo Regular Italic
Chivo Ultra-bold
Chivo Ultra-bold Italic
Cormorant Regular
Cormorant Regular Italic
Cormorant Bold
Cormorant Bold Italic
Courier Italic
Courier Bold
Courier Bold Italic
Courier New
Courier New Italic
Courier New Bold
Courier New Bold Italic
Crimson Text Regular
Crimson Text Regular Italic
Crimson Text Bold
Crimson Text Bold Italic
Darker Grotesque Medium
Darker Grotesque Medium Italic
Darker Grotesque Bold
Darker Grotesque Bold Italic
DINosaur Regular
DINosaur Italic
DINosaur Bold
DINosaur Bold Italic
DM Sans Regular
DM Sans Regular Italic
DM Sans Bold
DM Sans Bold Italic
Dolly Pro Regular
Dolly Pro Regular Italic
Dolly Pro Bold
Eb Garamond Regular
Eb Garamond Regular Italic
Eb Garamond Bold
Eb Garamond Bold Italic
Fjalla One Regular
Fondamento Regular
Fondamento Regular Italic
Fort Book
Fort Book Italic
Fort Bold
Fort Bold Italic
Fort Extrabold Regular
Fort Extrabold Italic
Freight Big Light
Freight Big Light Italic
Freight Big Book
Freight Big Book Italic
Freight Big Bold
Freight Big Bold Italic
Freight Text Book
Freight Text Book Italic
Freight Text Bold
Freight Text Bold Italic
Garage Gothic Regular
Garage Gothic Bold
Garage Gothic Black
Garcia Libre
Georgia Italic
Georgia Bold
Georgia Bold Italic
Golos Text Regular
Golos Text Bold
Goudy Bookletter 1911 Regular
Guyot Headline Regular
Guyot Headline Italic
Guyot Headline Bold
Guyot Headline Bold Italic
Halibut Serif Condensed
Halibut Serif Expanded
Halibut Serif Regular
Happy Times at the IKOB Regular
Happy Times at the IKOB Italic
Helvetica Neue Light
Helvetica Neue Regular
Helvetica Neue Italic
Helvetica Neue Bold
Helvetica Neue Bold Italic
Herald Gothic Light
Herald Gothic Medium
Herald Gothic Bold
iA Writer Quattro Regular
iA Writer Quattro Italic
iA Writer Quattro Bold
iA Writer Quattro Bold Italic
Infini GF Regular
Infini GF Italic
Infini GF Bold
Infini GF Ligatures
Inter Regular
Inter Italic
Inter Semi Bold
Inter Semi Bold Italic
Inter Bold
Inter Bold Italic
Inter Black
Inter Black Italic
Interstate Regular
Interstate Regular Italic
Interstate Bold
Interstate Bold Italic
JetBrains Mono Regular
JetBrains Mono Italic
JetBrains Mono Bold
JetBrains Mono Bold Italic
JetBrains Mono Extra Bold
JetBrains Mono Extra Bold Italic
Junicode Condensed Regular
Junicode Condensed Italic
Junicode Condensed Bold
Junicode Condensed Bold Italic
Karla Regular
Karla Regular Italic
Karla Bold
Karla Bold Italic
Le Murmure
Libertinus Mono
Linden Hill Regular
Linden Hill Regular Italic
Lucida Grande
Lucida Grande Bold
Marat Regular
Marat Regular Italic
Marat Bold
Marat Bold Italic
Marat Sans Regular
Marat Sans Italic
Marat Sans Bold
Marat Sans Bold Italic
Messapia Regular
Messapia Bold
Michroma Regular
Miller Text Roman
Miller Text Italic
Miller Text Bold
Miller Text Bold Italic
Mister Pixel
Montserrat Regular
Montserrat Bold
Neue Haas Grotesk Regular
Neue Haas Grotesk Italic
Neue Haas Grotesk Medium
Neue Haas Grotesk Medium Italic
Neue Haas Grotesk Bold
Neue Haas Grotesk Bold Italic
Neuton Extra Light
Neuton Light
Neuton Regular
Neuton Regular Italic
Neuton Bold
Neuton Extra Bold
New Hero Regular
New Hero Italic
New Hero Bold
New Hero Bold Italic
New Hero Super
New Hero Super Italic
Nitti Regular
Nitti Italic
Nitti Bold
Nitti Bold Italic
Nitti Grotesk Light
Nitti Grotesk Light Italic
Nitti Grotesk Regular
Nitti Grotesk Italic
Nitti Grotesk Bold
Nitti Grotesk Bold Italic
Nunito Light
Nunito Regular
Nunito Bold
Optician Sans
Ortica Light
Ortica Bold
Oswald Light
Oswald Regular
Oswald Bold
Pinyon Script
Planet Book
Planet Book Italic
Planet Bold
Planet Bold Italic
Plex Mono Regular
Plex Mono Italic
Plex Mono Semi Bold
Plex Mono Semi Bold Italic
Plex Sans Regular
Plex Sans Italic
Plex Sans Semi Bold
Plex Sans Semi Bold Italic
Quicksand Regular
Quicksand Bold
Quiosco Regular
Quiosco Italic
Quiosco Bold
Quiosco Bold Italic
Roboto Regular
Roboto Regular Italic
Roboto Bold
Roboto Bold Italic
Routed Gothic
Routed Gothic Half Italic
Routed Gothic Wide
Routed Gothic Wide Half Italic
Rubik Regular
Rubik Regular Italic
Rubik Bold
Rubik Bold Italic
Sabon Italic
Sabon Semi Bold
Sabon Semi Bold Italic
Salvo Sans Condensed Regular
Salvo Sans Condensed Italic
Salvo Sans Condensed Bold
Salvo Sans Condensed Bold Italic
Sans-Serif System Default
Sans-Serif System Default Italic
Sans-Serif System Default Bold
Sans-Serif System Default Bold Italic
Serif System Default
Serif System Default Italic
Serif System Default Bold
Serif System Default Bold Italic
Sorts Mill Goudy Regular
Sorts Mill Goudy Regular Italic
Space Grotesk Light
Space Grotesk Regular
Space Grotesk Bold
Space Mono Regular
Space Mono Regular Italic
Space Mono Bold
Space Mono Bold Italic
Spectral Regular
Spectral Regular Italic
Spectral Bold
Spectral Bold Italic
Standard Book
Standard Book Italic
Standard Bold
Standard Bold Italic
Stanley Regular
Syne Regular
Syne Italic
Syne Bold
Syne Extra
Terminal Grotesque
TeX Gyre Heros Condensed Regular
TeX Gyre Heros Condensed Italic
TeX Gyre Heros Condensed Bold
TeX Gyre Heros Condensed Bold Italic
Times New Roman
Times New Roman Italic
Times New Roman Bold
Times New Roman Bold Italic
Titling Gothic FB Condensed Regular
Titling Gothic FB Condensed Medium
Titling Gothic FB Narrow Regular
Titling Gothic FB Narrow Medium
Titling Gothic FB Regular Light
Titling Gothic FB Regular Regular
Titling Gothic FB Regular Bold
Titling Gothic FB Wide
Titling Gothic FB Wide Bold
Typewriter Condensed Regular
Typewriter Condensed Bold
UnifrakturMaguntia Regular
Vollkorn Regular
Vollkorn Regular Italic
Vollkorn Bold
Vollkorn Bold Italic
Whitman Roman
Whitman Italic
Whitman Bold
Whitman Bold Italic
Williams Caslon Text Regular
Williams Caslon Text Italic
Williams Caslon Text Bold
Williams Caslon Text Bold Italic
Work Sans Regular
Work Sans Bold
Wremena Light
Wremena Regular
Wremena Bold
Young Serif Regular