• Design/publish one or many public sites 
  • Real-time, multi-user editing
  • One price, no tiers or hidden price stacking
  • Edit & Publish using the Design Lab™ and the Studio Kit™

CARGO is a site builder designed to meet the various needs of creative professionals. There is (of course) single portfolio type use — but you can also design and publish a whole group of sites, each with its own purpose. Simultaneously publish a portfolio, client presentations, idea boards, a profile site, a shop — basically any kind of site you need — all with a single account. We have developed it this way with the budgets of artists and designers in mind.

Solo or Multi-User Editing

A site can be built/edited/updated solo, or with (pretty much) any amount of collaborators. That is, you can build/edit/update a site with members of your studio/team or with a client or whomever. All in real-time (think Google Docs with all the design possibilities of Cargo).

Single Site or Multi-Site Publishing

All Cargo accounts allow for having multiple public sites. There is no change in price whether you have 12 sites or 1 site. We hope that it is understood that the decision to develop Cargo this way, is (sincerely) to give artists and designers (and their studios) more power to represent themselves. Being artists and designers ourselves we know that single site representation is simply not enough. Most of us need a portfolio, as well as client presentation sites, idea boards, shops, etc.


There is only one price for Cargo: $14/mo (when billed annually, or $19/mo when billed monthly). No tiers or price stacking.

  • All accounts have 1 free custom domain connection (connecting additional custom domains is priced at $2/mo when billed yearly or $3/mo when billed monthly).
  • All accounts have the ability to make unlimited public sites using “” domains (as in:,,, etc.) — again this comes with no increase to pricing.

The Design Lab™

With the ability to have multiple sites of different purposes, comes the need for a flexible and multifaceted design tool. We are calling this tool/area The Design Lab™.

The Design Lab is essentially a collection of rows of either templates or design elements. (There are also rows for design-research/inspiration as well as how-to type videos/articles.)

There are many different styles of templates — from deep portfolio, shops and presentation-type sites, to quick bio/profile, flyer/announcement and drop-shop-type sites.

The Design Lab was developed with flexibility in mind — flexibility in starting a site and flexibility as to how one can piece together a site. That is, use a template straight away, or assemble (copy/paste) from various design elements, or mix and match (copy/paste design elements into an existing template or site).

As well, with the Design Lab, a site can pretty much start from anywhere. Even a font specimen can be a starting point from which to build a site. (Note: Most sites and elements have a “duplicate” button).

The Studio Kit™ (The Multi-Site Concept)

The “Studio Kit” is a concept / model to help a studio / artist / designer develop a multi-site scenario.

The rows labeled “Studio Kit” are a collection of both dense and lightweight site templates — organized out of the rest of the Design Lab. The idea is to assist studios / artists / designers in getting to multi-site representation faster. To quickly help with simultaneously having a portfolio, client presentations, design boards, shops, etc., etc.


Lastly, we have a new area, related but outside the Design Lab, called “u.cargo.” This is an overview area to show all of your sites. Within, you have the ability to make folders and organize your many sites and projects.

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Site Builder

Site Builder

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