General information 

It is certainly tricky choosing a site builder. 🤔😅🙃 Is Cargo right for your project(s)? Well, first and foremost Cargo is Design-based and it is intuitive. What does that mean?! It means we are serious about good work displayed as well as it can be and that Cargo is easy to use. Every Cargo template, all our tools, and all our functionalities are developed for fluidity of use and harmony of content and form. For those that choose our service, we strive for creativity of process and diversity of outcome. ♻️🌻

To see the above ideas in practice, check out the In Use page; here you’ll find great sites that have been made using Cargo (it is teeming with ideas, both poetic and structural). To view our rates, see this page.

Getting started 

It begins with choosing a template. Templates are not specific to vocation, purpose or size; the scale of any template can be expanded or shrunk, and designed to meet a diversity of functions. As well, templates can be used without modification.

There are two ways to start a Cargo site, with a blank wireframe or with example content.

Included Features

✓ Live chat support
✓ Unlimited pages
✓ Flexible layouts
✓ Media galleries
✓ Premium fonts
✓ Custom fonts
✓ Commerce platform
✓ Custom domains
✓ Responsive design
✓ Mobile layouts
✓ Audio & Video
✓ Image effects
✓ Drag & drop
✓ Media embeds
✓ WYSIWYG editing


✓ Full CSS editing
✓ Custom scripting
✓ SEO ready
✓ File uploads
✓ SSL certificates
✓ DNS services
✓ Multiple editors
✓ Multiple sites
✓ Site duplication
✓ Password protection
✓ Google Maps
✓ Google Analytics
✓ Domain purchasing
✓ RSS Syndication
✓ Knowledge Base

Template Style 1 — Wireframe

Template Style 2 — w/ Example Content

For real-time assistance, we offer live chat support — click on the “Help” button in your
site’s Admin. (Open during regular business hours PST)

For tutorial videos and in-depth information about all our features & services, 
visit our Support Knowledge Base.