Apr 19 2022

It was the fourth time. We placed the green apple on the same spot of the counter. And again it slid to the opposite side. It didn’t roll, it slid. We tried it with a cup, nothing. A pen, nothing. Only the apple worked. The fifth time we placed our hand in its path, to see if we could stop the odd trajectory — there was gentle pressure. We tried pushing it in the opposite direction, but it was immovable. After holding it in place for a bit a bodiless whisper landed in our right ear: “stop.” Stunned, we fell backwards onto the kitchen floor.

The apple finished its slow deliberate glide across the counter.

With our palms and feet we pushed ourselves back into the corner of the lower cabinetry. We sat this way disturbed for sometime; our right hand occasionally touching our right ear — the area we heard the voice and thought we felt breath.

From this part of the kitchen we had a clear view down the hallway and right through the mesh of the screen door. In the field across the road the neighbor’s children were playing catch with a small green ball. We watched them happily arc the object back and forth, until they were eventually enveloped by the spring dusk.

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Zurich-based architecture outfit Ehrl Bielicky is complete. To be clear “complete” is not meant as “finished” but being something that has all the essential elements — a thoroughly living and inquiring entity.

Like Venturi, Scott Brown before them — they’ve set up a practice to develop “a way of learning from everything.”

(Also, check their other deep sites/projects: Recording America and Superposition.)

Coming Age

Carolina Feijó

Jamie Reid Studio

New! Variable Fonts!

💥 All fonts from Dinamo are now variable! 💥

(As well, two new Dinamo fonts have been added: Arizona and Gravity; and of course these are also variable.)

To be sure, variable fonts have been somewhat accessible on the web, but not like this — completely and fluidly integrated into a site building context. We say this with zero sanctimony or self-flattery — we are just sincerely excited — one can use these Dinamo VFs as easily as any standard font:

(Next week we will feature a special note on Arizona — the font that gracefully morphs from a serif to a sans…)

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An offering of pieces and projects from around the web.

Hermann Nitsch Exhibition at Press Projects, 2022
As Four, Spring/ Summer, 2001
Michel Ocelot, La Belle Époque, 2021
Polytechnic Exhibition at Raven Row, 2010
Carol Coates, Choral Symphony Conductor, 1949


Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following:

The magnetic north of one’s inner compass is constantly being compromised by the pull of larger external magnetic forces. It is not to say that the orientation of one’s own compass is infallible (and needs further remove for proper functioning) just that there is a disorienting generalness to outside forces to keep in mind whilst establishing one’s bearings.

Since we are as much inclined to self deceive as we are to being deluded by others, it is important to be vigilant both on your ramparts as well as within your inner temple. 🤔 That is, proper positioning can never be achieved by only rooting out your internal biases — for once you have righted your own distortions you will have to possess enough energy and wisdom to contend with other’s prejudices towards you (and the things that affect you).

Ultimately there is no solution…

However… if you develop a sort of transcendental sympathy — a sympathy toward the complexity of ALL causality, in ALL directions — a firm kindness towards yourself and the world at large will result.

This week we pulled the Seven of Swords, reversed. It is worth noting that this is the same card (and same reversed orientation) that came up in our previous oracle. We find this relatively significant as the card has such a strange, almost ambiguous meaning. It seems to imply that the deceit implied by the card is not abating. Here is the reading from last week: “With this card, it’s hard to say whether the upright or reversed orientation is the more favorable; we are inclined towards saying that it’s the reversed position that is better. Either way the card intimates that a deception is underfoot, but the deceit is no longer hidden. The main thing to articulate is whether you are deceiving yourself or is it external? The point is that you know — just say it.”

Our first hexagram this week is #61, Inner Truth. Here, a beautiful suggestion of what is needed for proper accord between the self and the external world. “An egg is hollow. The light giving power must work to quicken it from outside, but there must be a germ of life within, if life is to be awakened. (Far–reaching speculations can be linked with these ideas).” The implication is of having an ebb and flow between hierarchies (internal or otherwise): “gentleness and forbearance toward dependents” and a “joyousness in obeying one’s superiors.” If this is confusing it is all about a kind of transcendental sympathy, a vigilant and constant attempt at understanding: “only when a bond is based on what is right, on steadfastness, will it remain so firm that it triumphs over everything… thus the superior person, when obliged to judge the mistakes of others, tries to penetrate their minds with understanding, in order to gain a sympathetic appreciation of their circumstances.” There was one change this week, of which the specific notes are: it is in the doing where all is revealed — do not rely on words and theories — get involved.

Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #60, Limitation, The Abysmal (Water). Haha(!): “It is necessary to set limits even upon limitation.” To be sure the hexagram begins by extolling the need and wisdom of setting boundaries: “Limitations are troublesome, but they are effective. If we live economically in normal times, we are prepared for times of want. To be sparing saves us from humiliation. Limitations are also indispensable in the regulation of world conditions. In nature there are fixed limits for summer and winter, day and night, and these limits give the year its meaning. In the same way, economy, by setting fixed limits upon expenditures, acts to preserve property and prevent injury to the people.” It’s just very fun (and wise) that the exposition on the shrewdness of restraint ends with the line that we opened with: “It is necessary to set limits even upon limitation.” So yeah, restrain yourself but not to a point where you have lost your core definition and purpose…

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