Oct 11 2022

This week Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair returns. Due to pandemic/quarantine, it had been forced onto the web. But wonderfully, it is back in physical form.
Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair
548 W 22nd Street, New York NY 10011
Thu  Oct 13  6–9  PM (Opening Night)
Fri  Oct 14  1–7  PM
Sat  Oct 15  11–7 PM
Sun  Oct 16  11–5 PM

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Without alteration, for the past 25 years, we have been sincere admirers of Printed Matter’s production. In a world that always seems increasingly influenced by shallow, ignorant ephemerality (digital or otherwise) Printed Matter’s commitment to support significant art practices, made accessible and readily transferable by print, is more relevant than ever.

For the past 3 years or so, Cargo has had the privilege of being supporters and collaborators of the digital end of their Art Book Fairs. This year, additionally, we are fortunate to be sponsoring the fair’s opening night. To mark this collaboration we will be giving all opening night visitors Cargo tote bags (’til they run out).

The design on the tote (one side reading “books and” the other “sites and”) points to a feeling we have about the necessity of a diversity of method and form, as regards a nutritive and healthy future (that is, books and sites and conversation and performance and protest and paint and math and film and digital generation and food and music and design and theory and…). We are directly inspired by Printed Matter’s model and consider it in dialogue.

On an envelope (to be found in each tote) are printed words which best express what we are trying to get at:

The implication here — sites and books (rather than sites or books or this or that —but this and that) without sanctimony, is a kind of plain, anti-monoculture, anti-corporate gesture. A shorthand message of support and general call-out for all that is poly and multi (whether in method or substance) — the multifaceted, the multicultural, the polymorphous, the versatile, the collaborative, the multi-situational, the poetic.
          As well, it is a mild but sincere refutation against all that is mono and self-centered — the monopolies, the mono-perspectives, the single-channels, the walled gardens, the unimaginative, the cynically refined, the ferociously quixotic. So, please accept this tote as a token of solidarity with all well rounded, resourceful and lyrical responses to what is always forthcoming.

We hope you can attend!
Purchase opening night tickets here

Sites in Use

No one has eyes on the top, sides or back of their head — all only have the thoroughly specific, two-eyed (or less) circumstance. As well, no one can see through walls, predict the future or maintain a multitude of perspectives at a single time… We are highly limited creatures. This is why we appreciate the site and work of designer Josu Larrea. A feeling akin to intentional incompleteness pervades their output. The fragmentary, partial nature of their display is not done as a lure or a seduction but, it seems, is more like a moral stance. We couldn’t appreciate this more.

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An offering of pieces and projects from around the web.

Patricia Highsmith, The Snail-Watcher, 1970
William Peter Blatty, The Exorcist III, 1990
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster Exhibition at Schipper & Krome, 1999
Junya Watanabe, Fall/ Winter, 2006-07

Holly Dale, Blood and Donuts, 1995


Each week we consult both the Tarot and the I Ching.
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The following reading was done whilst keeping Melinda (and her kind words) in mind.

All of us experience our lives as a center. This does not mean we have to be narcissists, but it is an understandable tendency.

However it is a tendency that should be blocked.

Perhaps think of it in terms of your own mind; if a negative part of your personality gets more attention than the rest — your better attributes will suffer. (If your mother’s alcoholism draws in all energy, at every family gathering, such a circumstance is a dangerous and unfair imbalance.)

Therefore, when participating in families, groups, or larger social structures we should strive to block undue/unbalanced attentions. This doesn’t mean that all roles are equally important all the time — a bus driver’s role at rush hour is, for the most part, more important than their passengers’, as they are serving a group of people. The driver is leading by serving. (An opposite to the matriarch example above.)

Specifically this week, it is advised, when encountering either leading and/or following, don’t be analytical about it; let your intuition be your guide. If it feels right to lead, lead. If it feels right to follow, follow.

❉  ❉  ❉

This week we pulled the Ace of Cups. The suite of cups relates to feelings, one’s emotional response to the world. The appearance of an ace card (in either of the four tarot suites: cups, wands, coins or swords) indicates the purest expression of a particular suite. So here, with the Ace of Cups we have an indication that you should follow your intuition this period. Do not analyze this week; if a decision feels right, follow it.

Our hexagram this week, #17 Following, had no changes. This means how we enter the week will be, for this most part, how we exit it. This hexagram brings together two lovely/important notions: adaptation and leadership. It is often thought that only an aggressive, domineering energy can bring about influence — this is perhaps true for short term campaigns; but long term impact is brought about by a leadership that is wholly of those being lead, of the people. To lead is to serve: that is, leadership is simply the singular appointment of the common good — there are no magic people; what is perceived as special or magic in a leader is perhaps just rarity — very few people are capable of being compassionately adaptive to the concerns of a group. Sincerely selfless people are the only true leaders — all others are just getting away with it — but only for the time being…