DEC 21 2021

We left the group and got lost.
        We found the group but felt coerced and bored.

Alone we reveled in nuance.
        In the group we rested with friends among warm, incorporating dreams.

Alone, nights were long, without reference and without affection.
        In the group we had no say — the food bland, the entertainment contrived, the curfews suffocating.

Alone we observed the voluptuary of flora — the subtle stages of plant growth, the unimaginable shapes, the unending color combinations — even the “weeds” growing in the storm drains were gripping.
        In the group we meshed instruments — our longing horn, gracefully conciliated — a fully populated landscape of harmony and interconnectivity lay before us like a ripe, halved fruit.


But no where, a solution. No where a stable path.

But some still say there is a solution: a laissez faire free market 🙄, a crypto decentralized autonomy 🙄, a poet led state 🙄, a social utopia stripped of inequitable advantages and jealousy 🙄…

Solutions since they are impossible false promises, ultimately bring injustice and pollution.

There are no panaceas in this world. But perhaps there are certain attitudes to attempt, like living without haste and without rest.

So, be wary of those that hawk solutions — they want something from you.

As Linji Yixuan said, if you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

As Barthes said, the neutral is that which outplays the paradigm. (That is, there is a sort of truth in this world.)

Image: Felt, Denim, Go-Kart Mozart

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At some point someone lovely said that beauty is anything erotically overdetermined. Looking at the site of designer Pedro De Sousa, we see an almost over-consistently reduced iconography. But rather than feeling like a dead end, it feels like the fruit of a genuine typographic fetish. 👌

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An offering of pieces and projects from around the web.

Amy Clampitt, Gradual Clearing, 1983
Interview with Ingo Maurer, 2014
Comme Des Garçons, Fall/ Winter, 2006-07
Herbert Hamak at Xippas Gallery
Quentin Dupieux, Steak, 2007


At the beginning of each week, we draw a single Tarot card and consult the I Ching. The Tarot card represents the person (you, me, us). The I Ching reading speaks to the nature of the scenario that you, me, us will face throughout the week. Think of it as protagonist (tarot) and plot or theme (I Ching). It is our opinion that neither the I Ching nor the Tarot are tools of prediction, but rather a mechanism to aid in self reflection.
        Before reading further, we recommend you collect your thoughts regarding the state of affairs inside your head as well as what you are involved with externally. Take precise stock of your emotional temperature and your goals for the week. The more preparation and detail, the better the results. 

So, of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following: for the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

Petite Reading
        To achieve anything in this life, something like a super power of focus needs to be developed. And this is keeping in mind that distraction is also necessary to life; as life would be unbearable if we weren’t diverted from thoughts of death and the other crazy unknowns. But still it is focus where gains are to be found (this is true in areas of ethics, politics, art, business, family life, everything really). But how does one get, and maintain, this super power of focus? First must come joy; joy is at the center of a super powered focus. That is one must focus on the positive (revel in it and multiply it). Then develop ever increasing flexibility; the methods of distraction are vast, you have to be infinitely lithe to redirect them. Then, eliminate narcissism; joy does not come from insecurity. And finally accepting that the process never ends — that you are lucky to be alive and participating (no matter how counter intuitive that may seem at times).

Complete Reading
        This week we pulled the Two of Pentacles. The idea proffered here is that balance in life is achieved by juggling. And like Camus’ Sisyphus, the task, though infinite should be a happy one.
        Our first hexagram this week is #56, The Wanderer. Ultimately we are just travelers; we come from somewhere/nowhere and return to somewhere/nowhere. This hexagram contains behavioral recommendations for us transients: “When a person is a wanderer and stranger, they should not be gruff nor overbearing. They have no large circle of acquaintances, therefore they should not give themself airs. They must be cautious and reserved; in this way they protect themself from evil. If one is obliging toward others, they win success.” There were two changes this week, of which the specific notes are: bring gifts and be modest and adaptable.
        Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #31, Influence (Wooing). The implication here is the stimulation of a favorable (and healthy) circumstance requires a certain attitude, namely, humbleness and receptivity. “By keeping still within while experiencing joy without, one can prevent the joy from going to excess and hold it within proper bounds.”