Aug 17 2021

Odd that you never know
what someone is thinking.
that no one talks about it.

But, are thoughts words?
No, words are words;
thoughts are thoughts.
Maybe it’s a paradox.

It’s certainly a lot to take for granted,
to put all our faith in words.

And words seem so innocuous,
just waiting for us to arrange them.
But they don’t allow for just any arrangement,
they have rules and they hold tight to things:
            words hold tight to things.

We like it when words make sense;
when words make sense of the world.
But words are never what they say they are:
words are words, other things are other things.
But maybe, words like it when we make sense.

Yes, maybe something else is happening.

Maybe words are like the golem of Jewish folklore,
we gave them life to do our bidding, but
now we can’t control them.
Or maybe words are the contents of Pandora’s Box,
or the true “Singularity.”
Maybe words are intelligent.
Maybe they don’t like us talking like this.

Maybe we shouldn’t talk about what we are thinking.

            Ebrah k’dabri?

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True love is of details; love never stays general. Not that love starts with the smallest fractal; it likely begins with a joy defined out of “the field.” Then, the definition desires ever more specific articulations, continuing until a rhythm of devotion and intimacy is wholly underway. A lover of dresses becomes a lover of tailoring, a lover of speed becomes a lover of engines. Or here, we assume typographer Peter Roeleveld was a lover of visual communication which begat the lover of glyph and letter.

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Amy Clampitt, Grasses, 1990
Mats Ek, Smoke, 1995
Lad Musician, Spring/ Summer, 2001
Richard Artschwager et al at Sprüth Magers, 2007

Tom Kalin, Swoon, 1992


At the beginning of each week, we draw a single Tarot card and consult the I Ching. The Tarot card represents the person (you, me, us). The I Ching reading speaks to the nature of the scenario that you, me, us will face throughout the week. Think of it as protagonist (tarot) and plot or theme (I Ching). It is our opinion that neither the I Ching nor the Tarot are tools of prediction, but rather a mechanism to aid in self reflection.
        Before reading further, we recommend you collect your thoughts regarding the state of affairs inside your head as well as what you are involved with externally. Take precise stock of your emotional temperature and your goals for the week. The more preparation and detail, the better the results. 

So, of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following: for the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

Petite Reading
        Balance in life is the most important pursuit; but balance is not straightforward as we are all unique. Really get to know your quirks and prejudices; don’t deny them for a favorable appearance. Be simple hearted in this venture. As well, you can’t complete this self knowledge (and eventual balance) alone, trustworthy associates, because of their own needs, can help to show you what is good and what is counterproductive in your personality.

Complete Reading
        This week we pulled the King of Cups. To correct an imbalance, Awareness (writ large) is necessary. For humans our two chief aspects are analysis and feeling; they can easily seem like mutually exclusive modes. However, the King of Cups represents a character that has found a way to have intellectual articulations and emotional inclinations working well together. This harmony is not achieved by simply performing each in equal measure; it is done by gaining awareness of oneself. That is, make self-strengthening adjustments to your actions by keeping your idiosyncrasies in mind. This is what balance means.  
        Our first hexagram this week is #41, Decrease. Here we have a depiction of creating balance by reduction. If poverty is developing in some aspect, like perhaps you are lacking in fresh ideas, don’t bolster your enterprise with “empty pretense” — rather, consider simplifying your endeavor. Another way, if you do not have resources for a full expression pursue a more simplified object (it’s most reduced form) — there is great beauty in plainness. There was one change in the hexagram, of which the specific note is: don’t try to change fate, find the best in any given situation — to find the worst is only to suffer more.
        Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #61, Inner Truth. There is always someone who knows less than you and one that knows more than you. Getting these relationships right is an enlightened pursuit. Pretending that you are the end and beginning of all knowledge may make you feel better from moment to moment but such a life will average out to be base ne’er-do-well-ship. If one asks you for help, help them — if you need help yourself, ask for it.