SEP 22, 2020

The Morning Glory draped fence angles at a mellow grade across the view. It is a wildly speckled affair; ruffles of greens stippled with noonday shadow. The manically cluttered plane rises up like a lumpy wave, obscuring what is directly beyond. (Though of course, we know what’s there.) The “green” of these tens of thousands of leaves leans towards yellower hues. Showing through in patches, there can be seen an armature of dead, brown vines; it is on this that the newer surface hangs. Nearer to us, sit two large automotive heaps. Each exude a provincial lurching aspect, embodying those prosaic strivings of mundane computational exploration. Acute, crimped shards, shape their bulks with an implication of “future” and “speed” (tacky husks of Marinetti’s long outworn manifesto). They are mildly insulting as all things that could be imaginative but aren’t, are. Beyond the fence, green against green, can be seen the full crown of a Jacaranda tree. Its dome of fine, fern-like leaves, softens it at this distance, making it vague to view. Today’s mellow wind pushes the mass to sway languidly — a green wig in an undulating pool. Between the tree and the fence shoots up the wood shaft of a utility pole. The large pine post looks absurdly primitive — its lumberjack rawness belies its role in “technology” and “electricity.” From it, swoop the bowing black lines of its wires. Normally we find the haphazardness of these cables disappointing, but today they seem graceful, by way of feeling casually economical. And beyond all this, the terrifying sky. A “sky” maniacally specific in its blueness. A void unerringly persistent in its blueness.
        It is worth noting that this scene has changed a lot through the course of the day, so much so that now, being night outside the window, none of it can be seen at all.


The use of a site as a digital pamphlet, that is the online distribution of a message, through compact, graphic and clear means, is quite galvanizing to us. Laboratory for Suburbia have created a model for such a vehicle; it’s tight, intelligible and its aesthetics pull one towards perusal. And not unlike the project’s relation to its subject (suburbia) the site itself exists outside the sprawl of social media platforms, giving it a calmer, more stable ground for considering its proposals and information. 💚🖖

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Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following: For the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

This week we pulled the “Justice” card. The territory here is balance, equilibrium between parts — whether that be in general fairness or proportionate attentiveness. A word of warning by means of a reminder, justice is impartial (blind); it bestows no preference to an individual. Never be overconfident in matters of fairness — be ready for coordination and collaboration.
        This week we rolled a hexagram with no changes. This means that how we enter the week is how we exit the week. Our single hexagram is #10, “Treading, Conduct.” “In terms of a human situation, one is handling wild, intractable people. In such a case one’s purpose will be achieved if one behaves with decorum. Pleasant manners succeed even with irritable people.” It further states that external rank should always strive to be inline with inner worth (relatively speaking obviously).
        Our extraction: External balance comes from working together. Since not all can steer, a hierarchy must be formed. If the hierarchy is formed by crude power and not by what truly suits each team member, there will be no stability or growth. As well, for the individual kind improvisation (manners) and the understanding of one’s specific abilities, is foundational to the whole. Consider politeness and empathy as main modes this week.