FEB 25, 2020

We went to the desert again to get far from the madding crowd and all that. We smoked quite a bit (as was our plan) and hoofed out at a fairly intense clip — hoping to go farther than we ever had before. But when we finally made it over the distant, distant ridge line, instead of beholding the unseen, we encountered the road we drove in on. We went farther east than expected. The road was still at a distance, but seeing it ruined the illusion of our intended isolation. As well, the realization of this misjudgment coalesced perfectly with the onset of the cannabis — we were now not feeling very comfortable psychologically.
        Last week we talked about how often our miscalculations ended us in recursive traps but we were going to make an effort to avoid the trap of seeing traps as traps. We also said that we’d let you know how this new effort turned out… Well at first everything was pretty awful. All manner of mental and emotional negativity was visited upon us under that razor-blue sky. At one point it got so intense that we had to start humming and marching in place. But as is so often the case, it was our white-knuckle hold on our expectations that was bringing on the bad atmosphere. Of course our best option was to relinquish ourselves to the difficulty and the disappointment. We turned the plane and drove into the storm — that is letting ALL thoughts flow (dark or otherwise).
        With this surrender, transformation and participation finally became possible. In a short amount of time we were in a 1:1 relation with the desert — all the desert’s previous occurrences, the vestiges of water, the animal prints were now the past paths and evidence of our own mind. All the reptiles, birds and plants became identical to the active parts of our moment to moment activity. The interiority and exteriority of memory and survival of both the landscape and the individual were now experienced as a great accord.


As has often been said over here, a site needn’t have complex navigation or voluminous content to be effective. Though perhaps it is necessary that its maker have tact and sensitivity. Brazilian designer Nemuel DePaula’s site for LENITA, his roving flower arrangement project (named after his mother) is a charming example of this. To us, with its binding, soft pink monochromatic stain the site feels something like a lovely photocopied flyer. That is a lovely animated flyer stapled onto the telephone pole of the web. 💕

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Lawrence Weiner, Gordon Matta-Clark, Allen Ruppersberg, et al, at Brigette March, Stuttgart, Germany

Closes March 27

Alien (1979)
Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, NY
Friday, February 28, 7:00 PM

Trompenburgh Estate, 's-Graveland, The Netherlands


Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following: For the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

This week we drew the The Sun card. A welcome symbol of power and light, in contrast to the foggy circumstances of the last two weeks. The Sun carries a meaning that one should expect: warmth, capability, endowment, persuasion, generosity, etc. This is a glorious card without much negativity — though of course what the sun casts light upon simultaneously receives a shadow.
        Our first hexagram which we partner with our tarot to describe the current situation is #26; this is how we enter the upcoming week. Much in line with The Sun, this hexagram “points to strong creative power” and “light and clarity”. As well, the focus here is outward “Not eating at home brings good fortune.” It is perhaps a week to get together with groups — with the recommendation of “daily renewal of character.” Not losing yourself in a group is important here.
        Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges of the week, is #38. The symbolism here points to the appearance of an opposition. Like most oppositions the initial appearance seems negative, like an obstruction. But if an open analysis is employed — the opportunity to see this opposition not as confrontation, but as a necessary element in the basic structure of life, will present itself (night and day, yin and yang, etc.). A difficulty becomes a larger strength.
        It is advised this week to define what is best about yourself, within a group. Shine (in sun-like manner) and don’t hide away from opposite personalities or interior conflict. Perhaps make it a project to recognize the positive effect of things you despise or find uncomfortable. Remember contrast and difference make this world — life is defined by death, rot and decay give the forests (and all life within them) the ability to thrive. Oh and don’t get caught up in the shadows.

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