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CN/082 — Mar 12 2019

Our consciousness is poised in a kind of limbo

As humans we can neither truly generalize nor truly instantiate; our consciousness is poised in a kind of limbo between the two. Swedish artist Karin Granstrand’s project Stuff, My Stuff, Come Along With Me is a beautiful consideration of this paradox. She’s compiled an index of found objects which ends up being something like a catalogue of novelty (which is as wondrously contradictory as it sounds).


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Recently we launched 4 new Instagram accounts — one for art and artists, another for fashion and styling, one for photography and one for architecture and design — all selected from Cargo users. Enjoy. 👽

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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

Each mind is both an oracle of the universe and a ludicrously centripetal idiosyncrasy — and it is a matter of temperament whether this is humorous, horrible, interesting or totally invisible.

Image: Joseph Cornell, Madame Mallarmé’s Fan, 1954.