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CN/080 — Feb 26 2019

A device for making strange

Designer Kellen Renstrom has developed a really smart exchange between his content and his display — all sorts(!) of fun peculiarity in both — whether elegant clunkiness or artful obfuscation. 👌 

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Defamiliarization, is really an unknown idea for all its pervasiveness. The term was coined in 1917 by Viktor Shklovsky to describe the way artists continually make art fresh, though often themes or objects remain constant. He decided that this unceasing novelty was achieved by making perception “unfamiliar” in new ways. Another way he put it was “Priem Ostranenija” or a “device for making strange” — which is itself, lovely and weird sounding. 

Image: Meret Oppenheim, Object (Le Déjeuner en fourrure), 1936