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CN/073 — Jan 8 2019

 Presence and non-presence in all all things

There is a word in Japanese: Ma (間) which means “gap” or “space”. Its usage though is less as a simple lexical element, and more as a concept illustrating the interplay of presence and non-presence in all all things. Consciously or unconsciously the work of French graphic designer Léa Milteau epitomizes 間 to a profound degree. Through shrewd and resolute typographic schemes which employ a good deal of absence and canny subject matter, Milteau shows 間 to be one of the fundamental conditions of serious graphic design. 🌎 🕳


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Rachel Whiteread is another master of 間. Hers is a literal, dimensional version. Her straight-forward sculptural condensations of the unseen negative space of ordinary things, leads one to muse upon the negative space not only of these quotidian objects but also of larger things… much larger — like the opposites and inversions of the patterns of nature as well as those of the cosmos.

Images: Rachel Whiteread