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CN/047 — June 12 2018

I may have been here always

Both the subject matter and technique of Benjamin Rasmussen’s beautiful photo-essays seem to be balancing something like desolation with optimistic perseverance. The site is clear, pensive and full of genuinely acute observations — it is definitely worthwhile spending time here. 🌞🌚

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Riding three days and nights he came upon the place, but decided it could not be come upon.
He paused therefore to consider.
This must be the place. If I have come upon it, then I am of no consequence.
Or this cannot be the place. There is then no consequence, but I am myself not diminished.
Or this may be the place. But I may not have come upon it. I may have been here always.
Or no one is here, and I am merely of and in the place. And no one can come upon it.
This may not be the place. Then I am purposeful, of consequence, but have not come upon it.
But this must be the place. And since I cannot come upon it, I am not I, I am not here, here is not here.
After riding three days and nights he failed to come to the place, and rode out again.
Was it that the place knew him not, or failed to find him? Was he not capable?
In the story it only says one need come upon the place.
Riding three days and nights he came upon the place, but decided it could not be come upon. 

Text: Reflections upon the Path, from Harold Bloom’s Anxiety of Influence
Image: 14 Horseman, by M.C. Escher, 1946