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CN/033 — Mar 06 2018

The viral unfolding of infinite perspectives

Staff Pick: The method of Miyu Shirotsuka’s design work seems something like the struggle to represent a broad stylistic scope amidst the viral unfolding of infinite perspectives by constructing dimensionally shifting graphic valences — #polysemicdesign!? 🌀


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Walter Pater
Studies in the History of the Renaissance

“What is the whole physical life … but a combination of natural elements to which science gives their names? … Like the elements of which we are composed, the action of these forces extends beyond us: it rusts iron and ripens corn. Far out on every side of us those elements are broadcast, driven in many currents; and birth and gesture and death and the springing of violets from the grave are but a few out of ten thousand resultant combinations.”

Left: Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1563