Other Features:

SSL Encryption

Every Cargo site is secured with an SSL certificate, ensuring that visitors browse your website safely and securely.


Any page can be duplicated. Handy when using a complex, custom layout and you want it for multiple pages. You can also duplicate an entire site.

Video & Audio

Embedded content from YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud is natively supported: you can paste embed codes directly into the page.

Custom Code

There are many ways to get under the hood of your Cargo site: you can modify the full CSS; add custom scripts; or work in “Code View” in individual pages.


Buy domains inside your Admin panel; edit DNS, create sub-domains, and set up (third-party) email. Or you can connect a pre-existing domain that is hosted elsewhere.

Password Protection

You can work on your site while it’s in Private Mode, and you can add password protection to individual pages, as well as your entire site.


Upload files like PDFs, webfonts, video, or audio files for use on your site: click the Files icon in a page’s Images Menu to access this feature.

Social Sharing

Control what your “Site Preview” looks like when shared on services like Twitter, Slack, Tumblr, or Facebook. You can add custom meta tags here as well.

Contact Form

Cargo sites come with a built-in Contact Form. To use it, select a text or image, click the link icon, and choose “Contact Form” from the Internal Link menu.