May 10 2022

It was neither the appropriate time nor were we wearing suitable shoes. It was just that the thing jutted up so suddenly and significantly — we felt somehow compelled towards it. To be clear, we were driving back from Puente Santo, down the 93 (by the quartz mine, just past where the 27 and the 8 intersect) when abruptly, over the ridge of the highway, arose a giant granite tower. Obviously there are tons of esoteric geologies out there, but this one we hadn’t remembered ever seeing.

We almost skidded off the shoulder, so sudden was our decision to stop. Without much thought we locked the car, side skipped down into the drainage ditch, hopped over a little trickle of black and green water, and bounded up the other side.

The north face of the mass started, almost at the edge of the bank; so we had to kind of wobble sideways to make our way. Emergence from the shadowed, narrow path, revealed a modest dirt field ringed by a few Palo Blanco trees. All blasted by the sun.

In the shade of the farthest one (about 25 feet away) sat an elderly man wearing a plaid shirt, jeans and green baseball cap. He was playing an accordion; which he stopped upon seeing us. Behind him there was a dilapidated bus partially blocked by a few branches. We could just make out some faded words on the side: “Juan Barrow and the Dusty Acres.”

Involuntarily we waved at him. He didn’t wave back but nodded sleepily and pointed up toward the stony peak. We walked following the direction of his hand, feeling a little confused as to why we did so.

There was a parting of the stone face that had the beginnings of a trail — really just loose rocks, tufts of brown mossy stuffs and hard-packed dirt. Looking up it seemed to be about 100 feet to the top. We took a deep breath, found our first sturdy foothold and started our ascent.

The heartsick accordion swells renewed. They seemed to change shape the higher we climbed.

End of Part One…

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We really love the Lenny Nero character in the movie Strange Days — there’s something about seeing designer Alfie Allen’s site that brought him to mind. We think it might be that Alfie’s site feels like a kind of chic, sporty digital information card that Lenny would carry. 👌

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Denise Levertov, Living, 1967
OrtaMiklos Exhibition at Friedman Benda, 2022
Edward Yang, A Confucian Confusion, 1994
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Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following:

If you are like us you crave variation as well as steadiness. Finding this to be a bit of conundrum for structuring a normal day — this week we asked the oracle: what should a proper well organized day look like (keeping those two poles in mind)?

Don’t sacrifice your time for fantasy gains; take a moment to think about your long term goals to parse what is fantasy born of personal bias (those with traumatic pasts take special note). Deliberate the right amount of time on a subject — never too much — overthinking will cause even more difficulty. That is, since the body/mind needs rhythm for proper function, if one deliberates too long the body/mind will want to make indecision its new rhythm (this is SUPER common — big businesses/news-feeds/social-media-platforms thrive off of this wasteful energy/rhythm).

Ultimately strive to understand your place in things and make your days a reflection of this. You are better and worse than you think. Effective people shrink the poor-cognition-gaps in these two directions — and subsequently have more fruitful days (poetry in personal reflection, not fantasy).

This week we pulled the The Hanged Man in reversed aspect. When the Hanged Man is in normal aspect, that is upside down (🙃🤔) it represents something like biding time — that is, sacrificing time to contemplate/take-stock for longer term gains. When the hanged man is in reversed aspect , as it is here, there is a feeling that the sacrifices one is making are for nought — if a martyr falls in a forest with no one around to hear them do they have an effect? No.

Our first hexagram this week is #57, The Gentle (The Penetrating, Wind). It is through a never-lapsing small-scale influence that lasting, penetrating, effects are wrought. This principle can be applied to both inner and outer objectives, both far reaching and local. Poetically it is suggested that time is the instrument/medium here — as in transpiring by constancy over a long duration. There were two changes this week, of which the specific notes are: when indecisive for long periods of time, a military type resoluteness is wanted and “repeated deliberation brings fresh doubts.”

Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #61, Inner Truth. Though everything in this world is changing/evolving/drifting, it is vvveeerrryyy ssslllooowww — the effects are barely perceptible to the things involved (in this case us, humans). We feel most things as totally unchanging — and for our level of practical interaction (with the world, ourselves and each other) this is absolutely true. So, it is important for us to feel our place and act accordingly; that is, know when to be subservient, when to wrestle and when to lead. Without this understanding of one’s place in things, life is very difficult — likely needlessly so.