OCT 6, 2020

When one constantly has to face, as we all do, that their object (or objective) is never gotten at, but is instead a sort of perpetual crossroads of the obscure vestiges of original intentions and the novelty of presence, to be expressed only as a symbolic system of surrogates from the hermetic balcony of our heads, used in a barter system of which the wearing of a mask of confident knowledge is a requirement, and no one wants to admit or talk about any of it, a melancholy and a desire for complete distraction can for sure overtake. But though this gloom (and inclination towards topical oblivion) is to be somewhat respected as our contemporary condition, perhaps there is an additional understanding that might offset it. So yes, it is true that the human phenomenon is experienced in isolation, that is, we are all impermeable thought-wise, cursed to navigate this remove by a shuttle system of proxies (language, patterns, etc.) — it is also true that the formation of mental structure is part of universal structure. The constructional development of our heads is of the world, of the universe, etc. — our emotions and memories and expectations, all of it, emanate from the same whirling construction as all other formulations around us. Our thoughts are Nature — that is, our interiors are eddies off of the slipstream of society (or animal life). The storage and ways of our crania, come about just like the patterns and fractals of dunes or bark or limestone or ocean currents or the movements of animal herds do. Psychology is biology — human thought is Nature.


There is a romantic and light touch that runs through the work of Barcelona based graphic designer Blanca Sedano. The feeling we get when perusing her work is something like looking up from a paused evening walk in a quiet, coastal town, seeing a cat sleeping in a window and an old television beyond it playing one of the soft dramas of Éric Rohmer.

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Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following:
For the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

This week we pulled ;) the “The Chariot” card. The charioteer (pictured) is a warrior-type, but one guided by and concerned with all things esoteric and celestial (he does not truck in battles merely human). He is yoked to sphinxes of contrasting color — symbolically, he is tied to opposing forces. It is the charioteer’s ultimate purpose to harness and employ these opposing/myriad forces, under the influence of something like spiritual wisdom.
        Our first hexagram, which we partner with our tarot to describe (or further detail) the current situation, is #29, The Abysmal. This hexagram contains 2 changes; this means there is going to be some alteration this week (not necessarily instability, but there could be a fair amount of variation as relates to the following reading). The metaphor of flowing waters is pointed to here. That is, behaving like water is encouraged. Water has a way; it follows a course. You also have a course that you must follow — do not resist; be sincere. It states: “if you are sincere, you have success in your heart.” Water is also continual in action; so you too should be constant: “water reaches its goal by flowing continually.” The first change points specifically to the attempt to overcome a massive change. Again water — particularly flood waters. The first stage of surviving a flood, is simply to be content with not being overcome by it (this is what your attitude should be the first part of this week). The second change warns that all directions are fraught with danger; it is best to be patient and “wait until a way out shows itself.”
        Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #45, Gathering Together. Here the discussion is about great numbers of people gathered together — and the dangers therein. (It is important to interrupt ourselves here and remind the reader that the I Ching is metaphorical; references both to non-human nature and to political undertakings refer to the different parts of your interior, first and foremost — not necessarily to external regimes and whatnot.) Continuing on: the gathering of peoples should always strive to have an overarching moral binding. In the I Ching (because it was written long ago) it is religion that is suggested as a binder — in our age it might just be Love (writ large). When trying to guide various parts into a mellifluously working whole make sure you strive to find a goal that is shared by all those parts.  
        Our extraction: Find wisdom in the celestial this period; strive to connect to matters beyond the human. Do this with the constance of running waters (spiritual repetition). Find solace in merely connecting though; do not worry about changing. Simply take ample time to muse and connect. By the end of this week move these deep personal musings towards a holism of self; giving each part of your life the same correspondence with the non-human world.