SEP 29, 2020

There is a weird wand at the center of your eye, an enchanting converter. Wherever it points, it bestows and imbues; it makes the object there, sweet with clarity. So strange no? Revisit the first sentence of this paragraph, that is, read it again. How magical! For a moment you re-sweetened it, re-enchanted it; but now again, as you read this sentence, it has returned to the periphery. Now simply focus on this text. Bring any of these words (or even a single letter) into focus and hold it. Slowly draw your attention, without moving your eyes, to the vague circle around this core — try to perceive that tasteless fog ringed round the center of your vision. Try to look at it without looking. Now move your eyes off this text, toward the misty halo; the fuzzy circle with the implacably engaging middle moves like a tunnel. Now, if you are reading this sentence, you are back, having reinstated this area with interest and returned the other to the outer. Are we not such weird creatures? Our eyes sucking clarity, ocularly masticating the world, always circled by a wreath of vagary. It feels very Greek, this consideration of periphery and focus; it’s like Ovid writing about Echo and Narcissus in his Metamorphosis. Perhaps there are new gods for our age? Focus and Peripherus?


There is rich poetry in direct reuse — it is a gorgeous impulse to let previous applications participate in present utility. The sartorial output of designer Patty Mana’s NIMPH is such a lovingly impure project. Here stitches and seams regenerate burdened scraps into constructions of power and loveliness. ♻️💚


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Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following: For the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

This week we pulled the “Knight of Wands”. Depicted here is a situation where one is looking forward, facing the unknown — but done so with initiative fervor and intelligence. This period is one of impassioned action, not of pondering.  
        Subsequently we rolled a hexagram with no changes. This means that how we enter the week is how we exit the week. The single hexagram is #14, “Possession in Great Measure.” Here it is advised, that to overcome evils and ills, one should “promote the good” — as opposed to directly fighting (fueling) that which is corrupt.
        Our extraction: This week it seems useful to keep in mind the phrase fortune favors the brave, as it is much in line with the meaning of the “Knight of Wands.” Add to it the modifier from our hexagram which states that all actions in this period should be performed in a “graceful and controlled way” — and one has quite a sound attitude with which to conduct one’s self.