SEP 08, 2020

Scholars have always been inclined to say that the Zamanicians were terrible judgers of time — but in light of recent investigations a more progressive (and perhaps accurate) way to put it, would be that they were great forgetters that they were terrible judgers of time. This subtle refinement of course is due entirely to the discovery of a heap of Zamanician personal texts — private journals and diaries found in those sea-misted caves of Hermeneutia. Scholarship having always focused on their more formal or official texts — put interpretive weight on the aspirational values of their society, mostly ignoring the texture of their ordinary, everyday thought. Briefly here are a few interesting findings from these intimate logs… A phrase like: I can’t believe the quadnoontide festivals are here already, was found as repeating every year, in 75% of all Zamanician diaries, at least 10+ times consecutively — with no apparent remembrance, or irony! As well, the phrase: I don’t know if it’s me but time seems to be flying by this epothacre, is registered as repeating on average of 10 times per cycle, in at least 90% of all Zamanician daybooks — again with no memory or satire present! As is known, most research points to Zamanicians having similar neural networks to homo-sapiens, so forgetting of this magnitude must have a selective advantage in some way (though it was obviously unconscious to them). And since these journals were private, that is written with no intention of being published, we know that the habit wasn’t affectation — this constant defamiliarization was an actual condition. It is our intention in the forthcoming lecture and subsequent article (which is to be published in The X-Zamaner Vol.XI) to explore the implications of this hardwired, calculated and patternistic defamiliarization as it relates to the Zamanician’s evolutionary process — specifically focusing on the possibility of mass forgetting developed as a response to a world of novelty (constantly drifting climate change, volcanoes, etc.) as some sort of coping mechanism.

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The offering of design and print studio Social Species presents a gratifying whole. Their endeavor “focusing on expressions of play” immediately brought to mind French theorist Roger Caillois’ work: Man, Play and Games. In it he asserted, “Play is a total activity. It involves a totality of human behavior and interests.” The Social Species project seems in complete accord with this notion; presenting play as a mellifluous aggregate of humanity’s principal attributes: beauty, personality, design, participation, background vs vanguard, speculation, the Powerpuff Girls and Dragon Ball Z. 👽🖖

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Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following: For the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

This week we pulled the “Ten of Wands.” This card points to management and obfuscation. Something has been brought under your control; but the difficulty of corralling the disorder has caused the blocking of more comprehensive objectives. Watch for overdeterminations and oversights in your efforts.
        This week we rolled a hexagram with no changes. This means that how we enter the week is how we exit the week. Our single hexagram is #35, “Progress.” The image here is of the sun rising above the horizon. Its power and reach increase as it distances itself from the earth. The metaphor here seems to be something like clarity comes from pulling away from complexity — thriving requires an increasingly clear system.
        Our extraction: A burden has been wrestled into control — the substantial efforts took all your energy. Before moving forward you are going to have to take a brief pause, to fully take in the terrain around you. Reorganize the hierarchy of your efforts, establish your goals (intermediate and ultimate) and make some progress!