JULY 28, 2020

We wouldn’t say that we don’t trust plants — it’s just that we do not adhere to any sort of notion that the flora of this world are docile, passive or even innocent life forms. Their gentle visage is really mainly due to our unavoidable anthropocentrism; our inability to grok that “life” takes place at different speeds (accelerated videos show green tendrils as nothing if not wildly whipping and groping). The relaxing, shaded quietude of trees when windless, might actually be an infinitely aggressive poise. The soothing rustling of solar cells we hear during gustier times, might be a kind of raving. Of course the truth is that the activity of plants is simply unintelligible to us — interdependent creatures but with attributes and subsequent behaviors completely parallel to our own. To us there seems no need to look to extra terrestrials for alien life; the most mysterious ones are right in view almost at all times. Familiarity breeds invisibility apparently.

Image: Jean-Pierre Raynaud


We consider Dutch designer Maureen Walschot to be something like a typographic fantasist. This is not to say that her work is somehow wild or illegibly outré; it is in fact wholly clear and full of utility. It’s just that we see a self-containment and internal pleasure that doesn’t seem to let of petty influence — a graphic dream where harmony and novelty coexist without friction. 🖖

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Of both the Tarot and the I Ching, we asked the following: For the coming week, what is the best advice for the engaged and sincere person?

This week we pulled the “Two of Cups”. Here we have a card indicating harmony, the peaceful intermingling of forces. If there is to be a warning it would be that some (exterior to the melody) might be jealous of such mellifluousness — it is wise not to be showy about accord.
            Our first hexagram, which we partner with our tarot to describe (or further detail) the current situation, is #50 “The Caldron.” The fiftieth hexagram deals with nourishment on a large scale — the image of a cauldron and a cooking flame. It implies that the best and truest nourishment is not selfish but concerns all people, it “must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible.” “The fate of fire depends on wood.” Fire is that which cooks the food, and makes nourishment possible. The sequence of true nourishment extends beyond our understanding and control — good fuel (wood for cooking) is part of a vast sequence of forests and weather and microbes and insects and anon — the best part an individual can play is to be a loving cultivator: find good wood and cultivate a healthy flame.
            Our second hexagram, the one that suggests how best to meet the challenges (or the changes) is #33 “Retreat.” “Retreat is not to be confused with flight.” If forces are unequivocally overpowering it is best to reserve your energy, rather than live in a fatiguing fantasy. Wait to make your move until the wave has subsided; perseverance here means to conserve. Unlike last week where the powers of darkness were diminished, this week, “the power of the dark is ascending.” These forces are not sensitive or particularly intelligent; but for whatever reason, they have the advantage. It is a time for the person of light and sense to act with “dignified reserve.”
            Our extraction: The feeling this week is something like, if anything like a nutritive harmony is to be had this week, it should be performed privately or intimately. It is not the time for banners of triumph but perhaps something like needlepointing noble aphorisms while discussing nourishing plans with a loved one.