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CN/084 — Mar 26 2019

The energetic revitalization of undaunted speculation

As humans we are always before and after — perpetually recovering and continually preparing. Those who are thoughtful and sensitive find it difficult to suppress the curiosity and anxiety that this awareness produces; and must articulate. Being post is sort of an acknowledgment of this difficult dualism — something like an attempt to reconcile progress and non-being. The architectural publication Post- is a wonderful manifestation of this disposition. It is intimate, casual, tastefully appointed — and dare we say intellectual. 👽🖖


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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

Recently we came upon OOO (Object Oriented Ontology) and the philosopher Graham Harman. OOO is something like a terminal where the sweeping vastness of science, art, philosophy and popular culture are compressed for effective, general visitations. One of OOO’s most powerful exports might be the energetic revitalization of undaunted speculation.