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CN/081 — Mar 05 2019

We are of this place more than we think

Film is still an amazing art form — don’t be misled by grotesque, narcissistic, “content” driven executives. There is sooo much beauty and information in movies, both old and new, intentional and unintentional. This is why it’s great that there are people like those at the Now Instant Image Hall in Los Angeles. It’s not that they’re keeping film alive or nostalgically celebrating legacies — rather they’re actively, lovingly, creating a dialogue using one of the greatest mediums this world has ever known. (Great site too.) 🎥🖖


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Recently we launched 4 new Instagram accounts — one for art and artists, another for fashion and styling, one for photography and one for architecture and design — all selected from Cargo users. Enjoy. 👽

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We are of this place more than we think. We perceive our mind as separate from the glacier, from what’s inside the mountain, from the wormy apple, from the particles that wistfully blow through this or that. But psychology is biology; as well, it is physics — it is not separate. We are walking/talking glaciers, clothes wearing cyclones or whatever.

Our style of mind just necessitates obfuscation of such conditions. Oh and to be sure, there are other places and other styles of mind

Image: Jesse Jacobs