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CN/079 — Feb 19 2019

Everything is natural, nothing is unnatural

The bulk portion of meaningful thought is still carried by printed media, therefore it’s important that there exist a loving bond between the web and books (etc.). Any sincere place where web and printed stuffs coalesce is of high interest. Take Tambourine for example; the recently launched, Madrid-based, online bookshop is such an impassioned, curated intersection.

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Everything is natural, nothing is unnatural — whether it’s the winds blowing on Callisto, the melted portion of a Slurpee, thoughts in a head, a tract house, a snail shell, cancer cells, anything really, it’s all natural. However some things are beneficial and some things are harmful — most things are beneficial to some things whilst being harmful to others.

P.S. By extension there’s no such thing as the supernatural; if you happen to see a ghost or whatever, rest assured you’re definitely seeing something

Images: Susumu Mukai