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CN/077 — Feb 05 2019

 The farthest reach of the most ancient of utterings

Célia Valverde’s site is a beauteous dialogue between reason and chaos. The bright dissonance of her garments is countered everywhere by an elegant, taxonomic method — it is a wholly effective coupling. 👌🌀


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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

We’ve spent much time in the peopleless places — willfully losing our bearings and giving our organizational tropes a rest. After returning it is hard not to see the grand economy and interdependence of it all — causality and effect having become some sort of multidimensional, omnidirectional sheet with few, if any, real separations… Even the most prosaic “How do you do?” is instantly revealed as the farthest reach of the most ancient of utterings, whittled beyond conception from something like eternity.

Image: Walter de Maria