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CN/075 — Jan 22 2019

 A quintessential articulation

Dance is a close art form — just a floor and gravity is all that’s required. And it always feels so primal, so vitally illustrative of our intrinsic physicality. Cosima Grand’s version of dance is a quintessential articulation — her spasmodic jetés, glitchy arabesques and painfully extended, full-body twerks pull into focus this carnal materiality. Not to mention her choice of visual accompaniments are so chic and full of impressive weirdness.


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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

All humans are unique configurations of the exact same thing. Though the veneers of our physiognomies may have unrepeatable nuance, and the hidden mechanics of our psychologies are singular combinations of ballasts and pulleys of differing shapes and quantity — in the end, our “souls” weigh the same. This pushes a notion perhaps weird in sound, but quite true: if you were born me and lived me you would be me and, if I were born you, and lived you I would be you — exactly, without alteration.

Image: Dan Graham, Public Space/Two Audiences, 1976