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CN/063 — Oct 16 2018

A history of phantasms and of images

Though contemporary times might make one think otherwise, a network doesn’t preclude clear, personal space and “linking” isn’t mutually exclusive with quietude or calm — that is if the nodes of these networks are themselves knowingly and unhurriedly composed. Take Vere van Gool’s site as an example, it’s cultivated, sharp but low key — a gratifying and admirable node to be sure. 👌

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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

The history of humanity is always a history of phantasms and of images, because it is within the imagination that the fracture between individual and impersonal, the multiple and the unique, the sensible and the intelligible takes place. At the same time, imagination is the place of the dialectical recomposition of this fracture.

Giorgio Agamben, from Nymphs, 2007