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CN/060 — Sep 25 2018

Simplicity, naturalness and force

In her book Etiquette Emily Post attributes the highest achievement in the writing of letters the affect of “simplicity, naturalness and force.” We’ve carried around this admirable notion for quite sometime waiting to apply it in our own way. Well, we’re ready: Jesse Williams’ site embodies the gorgeous/enviable combination of simplicity, naturalness and force. 👌

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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

I have always thought that to express certain things I had to transform them into jokes, puns, or anyway into strangeness: so-called humor. To clothe reality so that it will be “forgiven” … Forgiven by whom? By those who might think you presumptuous if you told them certain things in a direct way. You yourself have to be forgiven and accepted by yourself.

Text and Image: Saul Steinberg