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CN/038 — April 10 2018

To say more than vocabulary and syntax can bear

Noah Baker’s design for the Dwell in Other Futures conference is smart and sensitive work. It echoes the epic output of the conference’s keynote speaker, Samuel R. Delany, incredibly well — An unfamiliar font hovers over angular planes of periwinkle and international orange which shift and overlap like the morphing mythologies and signs of Delaney’s Dahlgren. 👽🖖

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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

All life is specific, underway and lacks anything close to purity — so every moment is struggle. But beauty nurtures this labor — and often arrives through candid shamans — take the prose of Samuel R. Delany’s Dahlgren for example:

“There is no articulate resonance. The common problem, I suppose, is to have more to say than vocabulary and syntax can bear. That is why I am hunting in these desiccated streets. The smoke hides the sky's variety, stains consciousness, covers the holocaust with something safe and insubstantial. It protects from greater flame. It indicates fire, but obscures the source.”