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CN/037 — April 03 2018

From altarpieces to washing machines

The immediate sensation of typographic exuberance felt when viewing Bankok-based Studio 150’s site, is not for mere effect. Poke around, even just a little, and the graphic intensity is totally matched by a sincerity of intention. Lovely, indivisible form/function/nav. 🏆🖖

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Two great tomes on taste:

This spectre of continuous reassessment suggests an extraordinary dynamism, even uncertainty, perhaps even arbitrariness, in matters of aesthetic judgement, affecting everything from altarpieces to washing machines… Be aware that fully three-quarters of what we call ‘traditions’ are in fact inventions of the second half of the nineteenth century.
—Stephen Bayley, General Knowledge

Ideology is fashion anyway, and for the last two centuries most of our bloody global comedies have begun with our inability to distinguish our desires from our tastes. It’s hard to sort them out but we know when they are not in tune… Tastes are fiercely held, protean, and invariably local. [Imagine Freud practicing in Rio.]
—Dave Hickey, Pirates and Farmers