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CN/035 — Mar 20 2018

An Escape from Meaning

Alia Farid is a connector and solvent. Her output shrinks distances of geography and binds together spirits of revolution. At any given time, while perusing her site, one is apt to touch thoughtful clarification and canny display. The nodes of her varied subject matter is inspiring → aniconism → archeology → invasion → “assimilation/absorption/appropriation” → Modernism → Metropolitanism → sabils → tapestry → public art → local improvisation → informal economy → spatiality → network subversion → 💥!


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An extended, unwavering frequency focused on at least one of the senses — call it a drone, a hum, a field or a pattern — is a gift. The gift is something like an escape from meaning.  When one surrenders to these uninterrupted oscillations one can’t create symbols or quantize  — the drone busts the rear-guard nature of our consciousness into presence.