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CN/030 — Feb 13 2018

The artful cultivation of unresolved difference

“Quirkiness” and “Control.” We would say that “control” is: the obsessive attempt to transcend cleanliness and precision. And that “quirkiness” is: the artful cultivation of unresolved difference. For us, we find no better exemplar of these two states than the output of Leta Sobierajski. Additionally, we feel compelled to mention that we sense healthy strains of Tibor Kalman, Peggy Guggenheim and Norma Kamali throughout. Just super. 👽🖖


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Robert Beatty + Peaking Lights

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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

Sadness and beauty are neither mutually exclusive nor opposites — in fact the fusing of the two is a common condition. And for some of us, embracing  sadness is beauty — so much so that often objects of pain and dread are quickly and involuntarily transformed into a gorgeous peacefulness.

Images: Paul Virillio, Bunker Archeology