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CN/025 — Jan 9 2018

Beauty halts the melting flux of nature

There is a fresh and genuine defamiliarization happening on Issac Lam’s site. This is not some mere, trendy, knee-jerk malleability going on — ancestry, gender, age and sartorial concerns (like volume and color) are all given a sincere pass through Lam’s frank and luscious filter. 🍒🌶️❤️

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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

We recommend reading these two ravishing, sweeping tomes — alternating chapters from one book to the other. After, belief in topical, petty sequences will be nigh impossible.

A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History
Manuel De Landa

“In the eyes of many human beings, life appears to be a unique and special phenomenon. There is, of course, some truth to this belief, since no other planet is known to bear a rich and complex biosphere. However, this view betrays an “organic chauvinism” that leads to underestimate the vitality of the processes of self-organization in other spheres of reality. It can also make us forget that, despite the many differences between them, living creatures and their inorganic counter-parts share a crucial dependence on intense flows of energy and materials.”
Sexual Personae
Camille Paglia

“How did beauty begin? Earth-cult, suppressing the eye, locks man in the belly of mothers... Beauty is our weapon against nature; by it we make objects, giving them limit, symmetry, proportion. Beauty halts and freezes the melting flux of nature...”