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CN/021 — Dec 12 2017

Not messing around.

Dominican artist Dalton Gata is ferocious and humorous. It's like his paint is made from cake frosting, semen and the tar used to seal the cracks of slave ships. He’s not messing around nor should he be. 🔪🌹


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Grids! Mosaics! Collages! Slideshows! Moodboards! All are only a few clicks away with the new version of our Image Gallery tool — images can be arranged in an infinite number of ways. Engage the Randomize function to spin up never-ending layouts.  

Also, we’ve improved handling for image captions and links. 😉

Make an Image Gallery by selecting two or more images in a page, then click the Image Gallery icon in the Formatting Toolbar.

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Batia Suter — Parallel Encyclopedias

As they say things must separate in order to appear, but what it is that separates isn’t very clear. In her Parallel Encyclopedias, Batia Suter centralizes this classification bias  through contamination — an induced cultural Alzheimers — resulting in something like an un-Enlightenment.