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CN/019 — Nov 28 2017

The web is a network. Its destiny has not been settled yet. It could be a giant digital plain of gossipy, crushingly corporate, bureaucratic sprawl, or — a place where individuals propagate the inexhaustible, algorithmic folds with glittering, rich projects. Take for example Julien Béneyt and Florent Auclair’s scholarly yet voluptuous architectural journal — here, a node that is worthy of the network. In short, more output — less input! 😘

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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

Words and semiologies are so many lines drawn in the sand. To know what something is, is to pretend to know what something is — a relationship, a flower, outer space, whatever. Learn to revel in the indeterminate — and don’t be afraid to start over. 
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Images: Albert York