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CN/016 — Nov 07 2017

Cargo Ed. Nº 1

Bráulio Amado

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Estudo Número 1
Offset, 24×36
Edition of 100

Estudo Número 2 and
Estudo Número 3 (two-sided)
Offset, 24×36
Edition of 100
Estudo Número 4
Screenprint, 24×36
Edition of 50

It seems that all the graphic, voluptuous power of typographic design is coming alive on the Web. Finally. Luke Fenech’s bright and handsome site is definitely part of this new roosting. We look forward to this influx with the eager appetites.

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To transcribe a dream and preserve its uncomfortable truth takes courage; to have the skill to make it gorgeous and compelling, apparently takes Suzan Pitt. Cheers to brave, hard and weird work! 🥂