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CN/015 — Oct 31 2017

Cargo Ed. Nº 1

Bráulio Amado

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Estudo Número 1
Offset, 24×36
Edition of 100

Estudo Número 2 and
Estudo Número 3 (two-sided)
Offset, 24×36
Edition of 100
Estudo Número 4
Screenprint, 24×36
Edition of 50

The first thing you notice when ambling around Leeor Wild’s keen site is the color — insanely good color is everywhere. Milky celadons and tank greens. Pomegranate reds and porcelain whites. All manner of pink: dusty rose, Moroccan and pale berry. Even deep wood blacks abut June sky blues. Just gorgeous — innate refinement throughout — well done.

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Gradient Generator

Hey Rothko! Stuck in a color rut!? Relax. Most of Cargo’s Backdrop effects have a Randomize function to help discover new possibilities & unplanned variations — use this with the Gradient Backdrop and you get something like a Random Gradient Generator, which is extremely fun, and sometimes useful.

In the Design menu of any page, select “100% Height,” then click “Backdrop” and choose “Gradient.”  🌈


Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

First, read the following lines from Philip Ball — “What makes [fluid dynamics] so complicated is that each part of the flow depends on what all the other parts are doing. When the flow is turbulent, this interdependence is extreme and the flow becomes chaotic, in the technical sense that the smallest disturbances at one time can lead to completely different patterns of behavior at a later moment.”

Now, mess around with this beautiful, interactive Fluid Dynamics visualization by George Corney (click image). 😲