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CN/014 — Oct 24 2017

Cargo Ed. Nº 1

Bráulio Amado

Estudo Número 1
Offset, 24×36
Edition of 100

Estudo Número 2 and
Estudo Número 3 (two-sided)
Offset, 24×36
Edition of 100
Estudo Número 4
Screenprint, 24×36
Edition of 50


Cargo Editions

Since the beginning, there have been great talents on Cargo. Now there is a program to highlight these exceptional artists.

With regularity Cargo will be releasing limited edition works (posters, sculptures, publications, ?!). Editions will be available through the Cargo Shop

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Cargo Ed. Nº 1
Bráulio Amado — Nov. 9 2017

Cargo Ed. Nº 2
David Jien — Coming soon

Cargo Ed. Nº 3
Robert Beatty — Coming soon

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Bráulio Amado’s output has what we call perfect tension. It is rare. Ettore Sottsass had it. Erwin Wurm has it. It’s a magical, stylistic knack for naming and un-naming something so fast and so confidently that the causal binary is blurred from existence — only a compelling, gorgeous uncanniness remains. Jealous? Yeah, us too.


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Choices incidental, uncalculated and correct

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Little Sparta
1966 — Present
It seems that there are two main types of gardens: one that erroneously believes it can mimic nature by hiding the human touch and another which prides itself on control by imposing taste on a particular plot of ground. Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Little Sparta however, is a singular type of garden and in our opinion the best type. It is a metaphoric garden. At Little Sparta there is true harmony with nature, for no harmony is really attempted — the human impulse stands like a good poem, celebrating the world around it but never pretending to have actual understanding.