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CN/008 — Sept 12 2017

Above: Artful subversion of cartographic authority has a superb lineage: Lewis Carroll, Jorge Luis Borges, Alfred Korzybski, Jean Baudrillard — it would seem that anything additional would be redundant — not so. South African Gerhard Marx’s work with maps is probably the best on that list. Never has a map’s intentionality been made so clear — or been able to trace the confounding frontier of reality.

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Pssst… Over here. We heard you were looking to create a split-page effectSay no more… Simply apply any Backdrop to a page (we used Google Maps) set the page to 100% height, and choose “split.”  If the content of the page exceeds the height of the window, only the content will scroll — the Backdrop stays fixed. 😲

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Robert Ashley, Perfect Lives, 1977-1983

Perfect Lives is something like a TV opera, helmed by a pastel, animatronic Sherwood Anderson, benevolently chronicling the comings and goings of late ‘70s midwesterners. Like us, we’re sure you’ll find the life-support-ventilator cadence of Ashley’s voice absolutely riveting — and the cable access meets motel lounge aesthetics, simply dreamy.